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Thank you  for purchasing my books -  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing and researching them!   Remember

. . . the true journey is always within.

                                                              Namaste, Connie


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"The Touchstone Diary"

- TWO BOOKS IN ONE VOLUME - 564 pages w/photos  $26.99


Book I - "The Red Thread" AND Book II - "Bloodlines and Promises"

ISBN-978-0-9911713-0-9      LIBRARY OF CONGRESS 2013920551    

“I have already suggested 'The Touchstone Diary' to two book clubs as a must read.  I have read some of the non-fiction work that frames the story about the bloodlines and the other, more likely version of Jesus’ life.  The beautiful way the author has put it into story form makes the material more accessible, and certainly more enjoyable. I applaud anything that can help us remember that we are all ONE, and get away from the dichotomy thinking of good/bad, right/wrong. 'The Touchstone Diary' series is another light in the wilderness with a captivating story and compelling characters.”   – Ellen Morrow

"Bickman takes you on a well-researched historical journey with biblical characters brought to life with tender characterizations and personalities we can all relate to. She paints a thought-provoking and engaging new perspective of history, one that is both intriguing and enlightening. Open yourself to her compelling, great read as she sheds a new light on a complex historical tale.  

– Rita Kirsch Dungey

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The Touchstone Diary

Book One - "The Red Thread"

ISBN-9781475062649     346 pages with photos. Available separately for Kindle.

“I rejected the patriarchal views of the Catholic Church years ago and turned my devotion to the Divine Feminine. After reading 'The Touchstone Diary' I realize that I threw the baby out with the bath water, and I’ve since put Jesus back on my meditation altar and in my heart.  Thank you, Connie Bickman, for writing this well-researched and life-changing book."  Michele Hoffman





The Touchstone Diary

Book Two - "Bloodlines and Promises"

ISBN-9781475291872     246 pages with photos. Available separately for Kindle.


Other books by Connie Bickman . . .


Dances with Words

A Diverse Collection of Writings

Poetry. Prose. Essays. Memoir. Musings. Fables  ISBN 9798320285184 242 pages  $20.00

"Dances with Words" is a collection of writings Bickman dug up from the archives—meaning from old notebooks, journals, past writing classes, computer and old file folders, scraps of paper, jottings on napkins and other unexpected places.

"It's been a slow dance putting this together, as each piece of writing evoked a memory of time, place and people over the past 50 years. I've been romancing, dancing and flirting with words for that long."

Along with favorites from writing classes Bickman has taken throughout the years, this book contains children's stories she wrote with her young grandgirls at betime, writings from her travel journals, controversial pieces, some silly stuff, and just plain thoughts. You'll enjoy where her dance with words has led her over the past half century.

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"Sydney Knight is a delightfully compelling character. Her strengths and vulnerabilities are masterfully combined  and visually illustrated. Her relationships are both exciting and heart-wrenching, From her marriage to Mac to her experiences with Doctor Drew.”
Molly E. Smith - literary agent -

“I felt like I was in the jungle with these characters experiencing their adventures and their passion. Well written, filled with a bonus of Amazonian and shamanic insights.”  - Yatra Review -

“A novel with depth and style. Empowering, romantic, adventurous. It’s all there. First love. Broken hearts. Second chances.” - 11:11


Jungle Moon


Raw adventure, shamanic magic and secrets collide with magnetic passion deep within the Amazon jungle...  ISBN 9781530520336  234 pages  $10.95

Sydney Knight is a beautiful woman and an accomplished international photojournalist. She appears confident and successful, but has become a master at masking inner scars from failed romantic relationships. She’d only fully given her heart twice and each time it ended in disaster. Fleeing to the Amazon Jungle of Peru was Sydney’s way of escaping reality. Little did she know that her sanctuary would become a love nest of passion and electricity beyond her wildest dreams.


Dr. Drew Harris was facing an inner conflict of his own. He retreated to the jungle to volunteer in the local clinic. He came with old scars of guilt that he may have been responsible for his own wife’s death. He certainly wasn’t looking for love, but the unexpected fire he felt when he looked into Sydney’s eyes was undeniable.

Initial resistance turned into passion, accented by danger and even death. But when mystical shamanic healing rituals challenged Drew’s beliefs as a doctor, Sydney’s respect for a man who couldn’t see beyond his own science wavered.  Was the passion that fueled them going to be enough...


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"Connie Bickman is a gifted author.  

She delivers uplifting messages that empower and open the hearts of women and men of all ages, cultures and backgrounds."  – Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.,

                               author of "The Lightworker's Way"



"Everyone in the Transformational Community is in agreement. The time has come for women to take back their power.  Connie Bickman's 'Tribe of Women' is a strong, creative and unforgettable statement as to just what this means."  – Hank Wesselman, Ph.D.,

                            author of "The Spiritwalker Trilogy"

Tribe of Women

"A Photojournalist Chronicles the Lives of Her Sisters Around the Globe"

ISBN-1-57731-130-2     140 pages with color photos.

New World Library, Novato, CA – Pulled from more than thirty thousand slides, taken over the course of ten years, Connie Bickman's stunning photos represent the tribe of women from which all human life springs.  Leaving her comfortable Midwestern home with a pack of camera equipment and bare necessities, Connie set out at age forty to discover a new world.  Through her travels, she learned to touch the earth and feel its pulse – to respect the lives and cultures it supports.  

    Her writng and photography celebrate the beauty of the world's diversity – from a ten-year-old in a Napali monastery who leaves her shoes on the street for a stranger, to a Russian woman who offers hospitality and a smile in the common language of gestures, to a Turkish woman who risks her life by revealing her eyes for Connie's camera.  Readers are invited to see these women in their everyday lives through the lens and pen of an observant, generous woman. . .'Tribe of Women' chronicles one woman's profound spiritual and physical journey into the lives of her sisters around the globe.


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Through the Eyes of Children


Ten color photography books in a series

published for schools and libraries

by Abdo Publishing Company 1996


“Grade 3-5 - These are appealing books, with attractive photos and graphics. Each one contains "Fast Facts" and a time line, and provides material on history, geography, and culture."  – School Library Journal


Australia - ISBN -10 - 156239326X

Russia - ISBN - 10 - 1562395457

Tanzania - ISBN - 10 - 1562395475

Israel - ISBN - 10 - 1562393308

Turkey - ISBN - 10 - 1562393278

Mexico - ISBN - 10 - 1562393286

Ecuador - out of print

Egypt - ISBN - 10 - 1562395483

Peru - ISBN - 10 - 1562393251

Nepal - ISBN - 10 - 1562395491



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