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The Touchstone Diary

"The Touchstone Diary” series presents fiction, based on historical facts and events, about the life of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and their bloodline. The author dug deep during her eight years of research and extensive world travel to discover some revealing possibilities regarding Jesus and Mary’s life together, including philosophies and teachings from years of Jesus' studies of other belief systems – Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam – before AND after the crucifixion. Along with her research, many parts of the book were “channeled” as the author was guided to write personal stories within the diary. Book

Three of the series is in process.


Book I - "The Red Thread"

     Michael Wilder makes an unusual promise on his deathbed to Miyah Sinclair, a mysterious healer of an ancient bloodline. Michael travels back in time through the portal of a primitive cedar box carved by Joshua (Jesus) as a gift to his bride, and connects with the healing energy and wisdom of Joshua.

   Meanwhile, Miyah shares secrets hidden in the pages of an ancient diary, protected throughout the ages by her generation of healers, the family of Jesus and Mary Magdalene (Joshua and Maryum). Written by women of Miyah’s bloodline, the diary shares emotional personal stories as these women lived through some of the most important events in ancient history, offering an alternative historical point of view from the feminine perspective.


Book ll - "Bloodlines and Promises"

   Miyah shares revealing stories with her daughter, Morgan, who is being prepared to be the next Touchstone carrier. She energy travels back to meet ancestral women of her bloodline and learns healing remedies from the source. Adventures continue as the Wilder family journeys to France and Scotland, including the Isle of Iona, searching for a cherished family treasure, a duplicate cedar box, carved by Joshua as a young boy, 2,000 years ago. Along the way they discover more family secrets that profoundly affect the outcome of their own lives, including a very different and alternative, yet widely documented, story of Christianity.









ISBN 978-0-9911713-0-9
Fiction / Visionary & Metaphysical
Rich in mystery, intrique and possibilities, the Touchstone Diary weaves through a web of international travel to India, France, Scotland and more, revealing secrets that have been hidden and protected throughout the ages.


Read the first three chapters of Book I - "The Red Thread" –
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". . . these books are bound

to be controversial."



Explore the Touchstone bloodline's mysterious destination sites with a

photo journey through France, India, Scotland, Nepal . . .


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   The Touchstone Diary is well researched with detailed and pleasantly shocking revelations of an alternative Jesus / Mary Magdalene story.  Bickman brings us through life, death and the afterlife. . . a fresh view of the original foundation of spirituality."  Kathryn Harwig – author, intuitive



  Rich in history, mystery and fable, 'The Touchstone Diary' entertains and enlightens, challenging our thoughts and core beliefs about religion through characters who feel like home.  They take your hand and guide you along on their incredible journey. Your intellect will devour the possibilites this book presents.      Marci French – alternative healer




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